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The e-learning course on digital competences in social services is ready


The complete e-learning course focused on the development of digital competences of workers in social services is now freely accessible and can be completed entirely in the Czech language. The content of the course was created in cooperation with organizations from the Czech Republic, Lithuania and the Netherlands. Each of the partners contributed according to their specific experience and thus a unique product was created.

The course can be accessed from the website www.keep-up-project.eu. No registration is required for access. The individual modules will guide you through more general parts focused on e.g. IT security, up to specific tools and examples of their application in social services. This is how you can try to create a flyer, an invitation to an event organized in a Home for the elderly using the CANVA application. You will also find a link to the feedback questionnaire in the outline of the individual modules. We will be very happy for your suggestions.