Foreign internships for teachers


We started the year 2023 by mediating foreign internships for several schools. We managed to prepare internships in Lisbon, Florence, Oslo and Antwerp. The Primary School, Opava, Havlíčkova 1 visited Antwerp at the turn of February and March.

The teachers of the first and second grade of the school for children with visual impairments and children with speech disorders were mainly interested in how children with special needs are educated in Belgium, what is the systemic approach and practice in schools. Other areas of interest included assessment, self-assessment, differentiation and integration. During the week, the group visited the city department (Stedelijk Onderwijs), which manages more than 100 schools in the city of Antwerp, and a diagnostic and support center that helps children with special needs in inclusion in mainstream schools (NOA). The group took a look at the kindergarten, where the teachers follow the motto that all children are welcome without distinction. They also visited three primary schools, each of which successfully implements different strategies promoting a safe environment in schools. The teachers also visited a special school for visually impaired children and children with mental disabilities. The transfer of practical knowledge into a theoretical framework was made possible by a meeting with pedagogues at the KDG College offering a program for special education.
The teachers left the internship with a lot of inspiring experiences and topics that they are going to adapt into their own practice. But they particularly appreciated the opportunity to discuss with educators who work in a different environment, but with the same passion to actively participate in the education of children for whom success is not a given.

Photos from the interships – by clicking enlarge the photo