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Project 3D Printing

Realisation: 2022–2024

Project 3D Printing is focused on establishing an international digital community of VET schools and other educational organizations gathered in the issue of the creating the 3D printable Projects.

Project 3D Printing targets at increasing technical skills and digital competences of VET students through the implementation of the new learning approaches while applying 3D printing in education. 3D printers are up-to-date technologies in today's digital and technological world. Project partners found out that schools are using 3D printers especially for printing of ready-to-print 3D models. Project specified the need to foster VET schools to use 3D printers’ great potential and enhance the schools to develop their own 3D Projects: this innovative learning approach increases students’ technical competences reflecting technological trends and labour market needs.

In the project, we would like to link work-based learning activities, the creation of the new 3D projects with raising students awareness and comprehending the EU common values: therefore VET students will have a challenge to develop and object of 3D model on the topic of an EU Cultural (Craft) Heritage.