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ART Project

Realizace: 2021–2023

Art and Culture Recorded for e-Ternity

The Art project makes part of the international museum world and other cultural / religious institutions accessible to a Europe-wide target group: students aged 8 to 16 years. It is evident that no, or hardly any travel is now possible due to the COVID-19 virus, this has an effect on the mobility of everyone, including students and teachers. The ART VR (virtual reality) method opens up the museum world to students and teach them the ability to think critically and to form an opinion.

The ART project connects Virtual Reality methodology to global citizenship and art education. VR makes it possible to simulate a 3D world that completely surrounds us. Through various recordings of museums, (temporary) exhibitions, historical and cultural buildings, the students not only get a beautiful picture of different museums, all kinds of art and history but they are also offered various assignments and explanations and they are taught about their own active contribution to global citizenship.

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