KPZ – comprehensive approach to employment

  Realisation: 2023-2025

The project is aimed at supporting jobseekers from the Zlín Region who have been registered with the employment office for more than 5 months and are aged 55 or over.

Anyone who meets the conditions and is interested in increasing their chances on the labor market can join. We offer participants an individual approach and effective support in their search for long-term sustainable employment. In addition to consulting, we organize seminars and workshops on current topics. Information about seminars will be regularly updated. We support information technology education from beginners to advanced and we also finance further qualification training. We cooperate with employers and experts on the labor market and provide wage contributions for the created jobs for a period of 6 months. We also support reduced working hours.

19.03.2024 The project, which helps people find employment, enters the second half

The KPZ project, which is aimed at helping people aged 55+ and at the same time unemployed for more than 5 months, has successfully completed the first year of implementation and is entering the second part. Our help is often sought by people whose situation is complicated by health conditions, social and economic conditions, family situation, etc., and without systematic help they cannot find employment on their own.

Thanks to the co-financing of activities by the European Union, we can provide participants with counseling and psychological support, pay for legal assistance, help them approach selected employers, pay for professional and retraining education, and also provide wage allowances to employers for their employment.
In the first year, we involved 22 people in the project, some of whom have already started jobs, e.g. at Kroměříž Elementary School on Komenského náměstí, Kollárova and Mánesova Kindergartens, Furniture and Upholstery or Kostelany municipality. The participants were also involved in vocational training, currently e.g. a welding course or a canistherapy course.
For those interested in support, the project is still open and they can contact us, we recommend that you make an appointment in advance by phone or e-mail.

11.08.2023 Labor market support successfully launched

Since May 2023, we offer support to people aged 55+ who have been unable to find a job for more than 5 months. Our many years of experience in this area prove that employers often need a stimulus to overcome prejudices and then mutually beneficial cooperation can arise. To support the target group, we use a whole range of different tools, from psychological counseling to financial and legal assistance to the provision of wage subsidies.

We also organize digital competence courses, personal development seminars and provide professional qualification training. After the first three months of project implementation, we have already implemented one relatively specific professional course and are providing wage contributions to two involved employers. In one case, it is a primary school, in the other, furniture production. These specific examples demonstrate the broad scope of the project and, above all, the individual approach we apply.