Realisation: 2023-2024

Strengthening the Digital and Psychological Capacity of Employees for the Effective Remote Work.
The project is directly addressed to adults and aims on building their skills and capacity and motivating them to increase their competences at local, national and EU level through the use of DiPsyCa developed results.

In addition, the engagement of the target group involved in the DiPsyCa will strengthen the digital and psychological readiness of employees to switch to remote or hybrid work. In addition, the DiPsyCa may be attractive and applicable for other categories of EU citizens.

The direct beneficiaries of the project are adults - employees who experience difficulties in the transition to remote or hybrid work due to the lack of specific digital competencies and the inability psychologically adapt to the changed nature of work. Due to the project activities, beneficiaries will be better prepared for tasks, requiring digital and psychological readiness, problem solving skills therefore enabling them to support a change in both in culture and society as well as in professional fields in industry.

24.03.2023 Partners met in Kaunas to discuss the new DiPsyCa project

The first opportunity for a personal meeting of the partner organizations was a meeting planned in Kaunas, Lithuania. DiPsyCa started already in January, now there was already talk about the first outputs, i.e. the first educational video and graphics that will permeate the entire project.

Specifically, the collaboration of organizations on the creation of teaching materials for the digital technologies’ module and the psychological resilience module during the transition to remote work was addressed. A new project website will be launched soon.

Photo from the meeting - enlarge by clicking