KEEP UP – Improving digital competences of social workers

  Realisation: 2022–2024

Project is focused on the cooperation of organizations in three European countries in the leadership of Euroface Consulting. The project aim is to enhance digital competences of social workers by creating and piloting the e-learning course.

According to analysis, employees in social care are afraid of digital transformation which is inevitably entering all economic sectors. Digitalization and artificial intelligence are expanding rapidly and coronavirus crisis has even accelerated this trend. In social-care service providers there are becoming relevant digital technologies operations, interaction with digital devices and smart applications. To prevent employees from leaving this area and following lack of qualified staff, it is necessary to strengthen digital competencies of target group and prepare them for the upcoming digital requirements at work.

29.02.2024 Project KEEP UP reaches the final

It's hard to believe that two years have passed since we, together with our partner organizations from Lithuania and the Netherlands, delved into the topic of digitization in social services. Much has happened since then, development is moving rapidly forward, and our "Keep Up" has been more than timely. We have gained a lot of inspiration, especially from meetings with employers and employees in the field of social services and care.

We have created an e-learning course that we have tried to approach innovatively in content and form. Our goal was a motivating approach, easy usability, and demonstrating practical application of knowledge in the field of digital technologies.
This course has generated enormous interest thanks to the involvement of organizations in social services, and we are proud to report a several-fold exceeding of the set indicators. We hope to continue addressing this topic in future projects.

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16.11.2023 An inspiring visit of social workers in Burgh Haamstede

The ladies from the Vážany Home for the elderly have had a very beneficial experience. As part of the KEEP UP project, they recently visited the Dutch seaside town of Burgh Haamstede, where they had the opportunity to meet their colleagues from other partner countries, the Netherlands and Lithuania, share experiences and get to know e-learning, created as part of the project. This will help not only them, but also their colleagues in social services to increase their digital competence.

The most interesting for the ladies was the visit of the new modern retirement home Zierik7 in the nearby town of Zierikzee. They had the opportunity to tour the facilities and were introduced to all the modern technologies used for daily care of the clients. The tour also included a presentation of VR technology called ELDER VR used as a part of the therapy for the clients. They tried the 3D glasses and shared their feelings with us.

We took away a lot of knowledge and experience and established new relationships that could hopefully result in further cooperation in the future.

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12.08.2023 The e-learning course on digital competences in social services is ready

The complete e-learning course focused on the development of digital competences of workers in social services is now freely accessible and can be completed entirely in the Czech language. The content of the course was created in cooperation with organizations from the Czech Republic, Lithuania and the Netherlands. Each of the partners contributed according to their specific experience and thus a unique product was created.

The course can be accessed from the website No registration is required for access. The individual modules will guide you through more general parts focused on e.g. IT security, up to specific tools and examples of their application in social services. This is how you can try to create a flyer, an invitation to an event organized in a Home for the elderly using the CANVA application. You will also find a link to the feedback questionnaire in the outline of the individual modules. We will be very happy for your suggestions.

23.03.2023 Partners meeting in Kaunas

After a year of implementation of the KEEP UP project, representatives of the partner organizations met in the Lithuanian city of Kaunas to discuss the achievements so far and plan the second half of the project. The evaluation of the work carried out so far has been positive, the project is proceeding in accordance with the time schedule and the creation of e-learning brings promising results. Most of the chapters in English are already finished, after the completion of the remaining parts, the partners will start translating the e-learning content and creating other language versions.

During the meeting, the date of the learning activity was also set, which will be attended by representatives of the target group, i.e. workers in social services. This activity will take place in November 2023 in Burgh-Haamstede.

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21.02.2023 A small sample of the digital technology course for workers in social services

In the Keep up project, we are preparing an e-learning course intended for workers in social services. The course will help them orientate themselves in available information and communication technologies and learn to use those that can facilitate their work.
Partner organizations from the Czech Republic, Lithuania and the Netherlands participate in the creation of the resources..

Take a look at a sample chapter that focuses on the use of Google calendars specifically, e.g. in field care service:

For more information please visit the project website:

19.07.2022 Prague meeting in July 2022

Representatives of Euroface Consulting, Pro Work and SPI personally met in Prague, on the 15th of July 2022 to discuss the Keep-up project progress.

The main discussions were focused on the structure of the e-learning to be developed, the project timeline and the target groups. Partners have agreed on the milestones and left with clear ideas how to proceed with the project realization.

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