ALICE - Assessment for Learning in Citizenship Education

  Realisation: 2021-2024

ALiCE stands for "Assessment for Learning in Citizenship Education"; an Erasmus+ project that entails to portray the benefit of a formative approach of assessment in order to assess citizenship competences.

In order to become active citizens, schools and teachers have to give students opportunities in order to develop citizenship competences in diverse contexts (home, school, local community …). Allowing students to reflect and critically assess connections within these contexts can help them to take action related to national and global issues. Diverse interpretations of citizenship education exist across and within European members states. Due to its wide range of curricular objectives and diverse contexts in which it is taught and learned, citizenship education challenges teachers and schools to integrate it in the curriculum.

The main focus lies on a formative approach of assessment by making the learning process visible. The role of the teacher lies in setting clear goals and designing effective learning situations and classroom activities in order to achieve the citizenship competences. Furthermore, teachers can create opportunities for students to receive feedback that drives the learning process. It is important to activate students as instructional resources for one another (peer assessment) and to reflect on their own learning (self-assessment) within the formative framework of assessment.

16.10.2023 After a year, teachers involved in the ALiCE project met in Palermo

The event followed on from last year's conference in Kroměříž and Sicily's Palermo created a wonderful opportunity to share experiences with teaching civic competences and with formative assessment in this subject. Primary and secondary school teachers from a total of nine European countries gathered together with researchers and organizations in the field of education and presented to each other the activities they had implemented with their pupils on the given topic in the past year.

The Czech group consisted of teachers from the Hladnov Gymnasium in Ostrava, from the Mendel Gymnasium in Opava and from the Elementary School Dětská in Ostrava. We thank them for their professional approach, openness and willingness. We are honored to work with these great people and create opportunities to share their experiences on an international level.

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16.10.2022 The Training session on the topic of Active Citizenship in Kromeriz was a success

Almost 80 teachers from 9 European countries met in Kroměříž, the Czech Republic, 29.-30.9.2022 to discuss the topics of citizenship education and formative assessment methods. Great and collaborative atmosphere was the pinnacle of the event.

Teachers were listening to lectures and consequently discussing and sharing their experience. The next opportunity for the meeting of such scale will in Palermo, Sicily, in autumn 2023.

PThe presentations from the conference are available at the project website

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09.09.2022 Date of the training session in Kromeriz has approached!

Only a few days and the teachers from Belgium, the Czech Republic, Norway, Portugal, Bulgaria, Italy, Slovenia and Lithuania will meet in Kromeriz to discuss methods and teaching practice focusing on citizenship education.

The training session is the first module of a teacher professional development course that aims at formative assessment methods. The participants are teachers at primary and secondary level and teaching civic education, history and other subjects where active citizenship might be implemented.

Kromeriz will host the event in the House of Culture ( in the days of 29th and 30th of September 2022..

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04.07.2022 Project partners met in Ljubljana to discuss the planned event

In June 2022 project partners met in Ljubljana, Slovenia to discuss the progress done in the project. The main topic were collections of examples of formative assessment and how to share interesting findings and publish the results.

Special attention was given to preparation of the training event planned for September 2022 in Kromeriz, the Czech Republic. Attendants from all participating countries are expected to come to learn and find out more about formative assessment in regard to civic education, how to assess the competencies and to share their practices.

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13.04.2022 First face to face meeting in the project ALiCE in Antwerps

After long and strenuous time, partners of the ALiCE project were finally able to meet face to face in a lovely city of Antwerps, Belgium on March 24th, 2022.

It was an exciting and lively meeting with many productive discussions and outcomes. First half of the meeting summarized the progress of focus talks in partner countries. Individual partners described the way they organized or would organize these focus talks, the teachers they involved or would involve and the tentative results. Second part of the meeting focused on the format of identifying learing goals of each partner country. After a long discussion partners agreed that defining the needs from local perspective was the key to be used. Each country will prepare a report based on the European and local levels.

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