COSMOS - Creating Organisational Structures for Meaningful science education through Open Schooling for all

  Realisation: 2022-2024

COSMOS uses socio-scientific inquiry-based learning as a pedagogical means for opening up schools to their communities through a transformation process, aiming to create new partnerships within communities that can foster science education for all citizens, irrespective of gender, ethnicity or cultural background.

To transform and open schools from an inwards to an outwards mode of engagement in, with and for their communities, our open schooling approach is unique in combining key pivotal elements of innovative constructivist pedagogy, teacher education, and transforming school organisational culture.

The COSMOS consortium (12 partners, 7 countries) provides transdisciplinary cooperation and expertise in non-formal and formal science education, science teacher education, educational organisation and leadership, and strong societal links within communities, all of which warrant the successful implementation of COSMOS. The resulting tools, policy briefs and roadmaps will be used by schools across Europe further impacting communities through science education.

24.06.2023 Consortium Meeting in Lisbon

The meeting took place in Lisbon on June 21st and 22nd, 2023, marked the third COSMOS consortium meeting, and the second one held face-to-face. All partner organizations were in attendance, including the external expert, Dr. Ralph Levinson. During the meeting, the first round of the Implementation stage was discussed, along with the deliverables expected by the end of this project phase.

Partners engaged in discussions regarding the developed framework, the implementation of the project approach in schools, evaluation results, and other related topics. The insights gained from these discussions were instrumental in formulating plans for the upcoming Implementation stage 2, which is set to commence shortly.

Photos from the meeting - by clicking enlarge photo

09.11.2022 The first newsletter in the COSMOS project is published

The first newsletter informs about the activities that have taken place in the COSMOS project so far.

Here you will find interesting things and contributions from some project partners and information about the meeting that took place in Karlstad.

You can download the Nnwsletter here.