DigMyVET - Digital Strategies for VET Centres

  Realisation: 2021–2023

Many VET organizations and their teachers did not feel well prepared for online learning when Covid-19 struck Europe. The pandemic has had a greater impact on VET teachers as many VET courses focuses on work-based learning, which cannot be transferred as easily to an online contact as academic learning.

The main concerns for VET teachers and trainers regarding distance learning are the use of equipment / reliability of internet connection, their own lack of digital skills / data protection.

For learners, there is no digital inclusion without social inclusion, marginalised and vulnerable learners are less likely to be involved in distance learning, which in turn, increases their chances of dropping out of VET.

It was raised that it might be difficult to motivate VET teachers involved in work-based learning into digital competence development earlier, however after Covid-19 this attitude may have now changed as digital learning has become a new normal.

Objectives of the DigMyVET project are to facilitate European VET centres to embed digital technologies into teaching, learning and assessment and provide VET centres with bespoke analysis and insight to support learners, teachers and training in adapting online learning.


14.12.2022 Project DigMyVET will start with piloting of the first outputs

Sunny Athens welcomed the partners of the DigMyVET project last week. The main topic for discussion was the planning of testing IO1 and IO2, i.e. the first two project packages, the created manuals and benchmarking tools.

Mainly secondary vocational schools will be involved in the testing and it should be launched in the near future. Partner organizations discussed the specific involvement of target groups in their countries, shared good experiences.

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23.09.2022 Prague welcomed representatives of partner organizations of the DigMyVET project

A partnership consisting of organizations from United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Greece and the Czech Republic deals with the possibilities of implementing digital strategies in vocational education.

The project has entered the next phase, we are currently preparing a tool for benchmarking in the vocational schools, an online course for educators and a set of tools for students. The meeting in Prague, in September 2022, was the third in a row and the second personal meeting of the partners of this project.

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26.04.2022 Partner meeting of the DigMyVET project

Second meeting of the DigMyVET project was held last week in beautiful Florence, Italy. After a long time the partners could finally meet face to face and discuss all the work done so far.

In the first part of the project all partners were doing research in their countries as well as other EU countries to collect enough materials for the Integration Handbook which is the main output of the first project stage and is now in the process of translations into all partner countries. The handbook is full of good practices about how to teach / learn practical subjects in VET centres in case of distance learning. The second part of the meeting was about planning the next step which is going to be the Interactive Digital Strategy Benchmarking Tool.

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02.03.2022 The first DigMyVET project newsletter

Because of the unfavorable epidemiological situation in Europe, all the activities of the partners have so far been organized online.

Download the first newsletter where you will find out what stage the project is currently in.