Job prospects

  Realisation: 2018-2020

The project is another of a number of active employment policy initiatives. Within the two years of implementation, we will support almost 50 people from the Zlín Region who are disadvantaged in the labor market by the age of 55+ and have been in the register of the job office for more than 5 months.

The main objective of the project is to increase the employability and employment of supported persons. The objectives of the project are going to be achieved through a set of educational and counseling activities including job placement and wage allowances.

The project is co-funded by the European Union.

04.04.2021 More than 40 people in a difficult situation on the labour market received support in the project

The target group were people aged 55+ who had been registered with the employment agency for more than 5 months. The project was regionally targeted so the support went mainly to the Zlín Region. The project was planned for the period of 2 years but due to epidemiological measures it was extended further on.

In February 2021, we completed the project and related activities, however, we remain in contact with a number of participants and monitor how they are doing after gaining a qualification or in a new job.

A total of 46 people were involved with the above characteristics in the project. We heard various stories but the common link was helplessness in trying to find a suitable job. We worked with the participants mainly through a set of individual job counselling but we also organized group seminars to share good practice and experience. We organized a personal client-made computer training and involved a graphologist who uncovered barriers through the psychology of writing. There were nine people who completed training and got new qualification and we helped to find a job for 22 people with wage reimbursement incentive for the employer.

The project aided a number of people who desperately needed help, so we are glad that we had the opportunity to implement it.

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13.03.2020 It is still possible to participate in project Job prospects

The project is an opportunity for persons aged 55+ and registered with the labor office for more than 5 months. We offer support and personal and professional development. We cooperate with a graphology expert who analyse handwriting to screen your personality in relation to the labor market and the strengths and weaknesses. We offer participation in a positive communication course with an excellent lecturer who will find a positive insight into any desperate situation. We organize courses and individual instruction on the computer, from the basics of work to Internet orientation with a focus on safe behavior in the global network.

We pay training courses in various fields and according to interest, eg. a florist, beautician, teaching assistant and more.
We cooperate with employers and provide wage contributions.
The big advantage is that only those activities you are interested in can be used in the project, no other activity is compulsory.
Currently, more than 30 people have been supported by this project, some have taken courses, some people started to work and others have taken the opportunity to learn about themselves.
If you are interested, contact us by phone (777011717) or by email (

13.03.2019 Project Job prospects' helps the job seeker

The fact that looking for a job when you are 55+ of age is really hard is confirmed by all participants in the 'Job prospects' project. They often meet with the employer´s judgments rather than their appreciation of the participant´s long-term experience.

PThat´s why our project focuses on solving the specific problems of the participants. We offer individual counselling, psychological support and computer skills development. We can also finance some retraining which, for example, has been used by our participant Monika who successfully completed the qualification 'Sports Masseur' and looks forward to a new professional career. We provide employers with a wage contributions and mentor contributions at the workplace, to make a return to the labor market for our participants as easy as possible. That´s also the case of our another participant Blanka who now works at the swimming pool in Kromeriz.

We would like to welcome more participants so if you are interested please contact Jana Hanke on 608 102 807.