Realisation: 2017-2020

ARTIFEX is an ERASMUS+ project focused on STEM education, i.e. education in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. ARTIFEX project is supporting European cooperation in the area of enhancing teachers´competencies in STEM education and using innovative out-of-school learning environments such as digital workshops (FabLabs) with access to high technology.

In the technical and natural sciences, there is a long-term declining of students. These are fields that are important in the long run for the economic development and growth of countries. That´s why the concept of STEM has been developed - to interconnect naturally related fields such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The reason for linking these STEM fields is to bring the education to real life and replace the theoretical concept of teaching. The main purpose of the STEM concept is to increase the interest of pupils and students in studying STEM subjects, thus preparing the graduates of these fields for the labor market.

In some European countries, the STEM education concept is already established and implemented from primary schools to universities. The STEM concept is constantly evolving and developing: STEM training is being provided, for supporting innovative education of students it´s being used open space community spaces such as Fablabs, Makerspaces etc. A Fablab or Makerspace is a small-scale workplace where can be manufactured products using modern high technologies such as 3D printers, laser cutters etc.

The aim of ARTIFEX project is to establish a practical European framework for STEM education using the latest technologies of open digital workshops (Fablabs) that enable the development of STEM knowledge and skills of pupils and students in an integrated and practical way in an innovative out-of-school learning environment. By doing so, the project will create a training tool for teachers´ professional development in STEM competences that can be used by schools across Europe.

Within the project, partner organizations from Belgium, Italy, the Czech Republic, Greece, Bulgaria and Sweden will create a number of outputs designed primarily for teachers at all levels of education.

Project outputs:

  • ARTIFEX electronic book book with a listing of STEM professions and the competences required by the labour market and a vision on the teaching and learning process to develop STEM literacy of learners.
  • online self-assessment tool structured around key areas of teachers’ and educators’ educational competences
  • online course: an open access professional development tool for teachers and teacher trainers, min. 15 training modules will be created
  • interactive open e-learning platform for teachers, teacher trainers and STEM educators giving them access to the outputs of the project and a platform to interact with each other; online repository with educational good practices that provide and disseminate new contents, tools and pedagogical approaches (access to new learning resources)

For further information about Artifex project and its activities and outputs, please look at project website

18.08.2020 Release online ‘’ assessment tool

We are introducing the ARTIFEX project outputs at once, i.e. on a platform

There is an online self-assessment tool which is a way to detect your strengths and weaknesses as a teacher, when working on STEM topics in the classroom or other learning environments. When you undergo the assessment, the platform will guide you to suitable workshops, teaching materials related to your competencies. You can access the workshops without prior assessment and then you can choose from the available materials according to a number of criteria. All workshops have a uniform format and were created by educators from all partner countries. Teachers from the Czech Republic have prepared a workshop on the construction of Galton's board, which you will find on three levels of difficulty.

Visit and use the potential of the new learning platform:

18.10.2019 ARTIFEX Conference in Kromeriz: STEM education in innovative learning environments

The ARTIFEX Conference took place in Kromeriz, Czech Republic, from October 15th to 16th 2019. The conference was aimed at STEM teachers of primary and secondary education, STEM researchers, teacher trainers, educational staff in Fablabs / Maker Spaces or any innovative out-of-the-classroom learning environment. There were 70 participants from Belgium, Sweden, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, Denmark and the Czech Republic.

The participants visited the interactive science centre Pevnost poznani in Olomouc, discussed different aspects of STEM education and possibilites of making STEM education more attractive. The second day was hosted by the City Council of Kromeriz and participants provided their feedback to the ouputs of ARTIFEX project.
The atmosphere throughout the conference was full of excitement and enthusiasm in cooperation and sharing experience.

Photos from conference in Kromeriz - by clicking enlarge photo

25.09.2019 ARTIFEX Conference

ARTIFEX is organizing a conference and multiplier event in Kromeriz (Czech Republic) on 15 and 16 October 2019. The conference is aimed at STEM teachers from primary and secondary education, STEM researchers, teachers from teacher training, educational staff Fablabs / Maker Spaces or any innovative out-of-the-classroom learning environment.

The organizers pay for the stay, the participants are responsible for their own travel costs. Travel itinerary or shuttle will be delivered from the airports of Vienna, Prague and Bratislava and the City of Brno.

You can find the entire program and contact addresses on the leaflet in attachment. Registration is possible by sending an email to Kateřina Nevřalová at with a short motivation and contact details. Registration is possible until the conference is fully booked.

Program of conference is here.

10.06.2019 Presentation at Science Fair 2019

The ARTIFEX project was presented at Science Fair 2019, 6.-8.6.2019. There was a majestic event, visited by more than 30.000 visitors in 3 days (

A lot of them visited our stand focused on support of STEM education, learners tried to construct a hot air baloon and tested it in Airfab. We discussed with teachers and present a lecture within a vocational programme. Thanks to the Science Academy for this opportunity.

Photos from the fair - by clicking enlarge photo

23.10.2018 A first chapter of the ARTIFEX e-book STEM competences is now ready.

This chapter contains examples of different STEM professions (i.e.professions where STEM knowledge and skills are used) and consists of number of interviews with STEM professionals from different European countries.

In the Czech Republic there were held interviews with representatives of the engineering company, the professions of electrician and metalworker were presented. Each interview was used to zoom in on a set of competences required for successful careers in STEM sectors. At the end of the chapter, you will find a summary of the transversal skills mentioned by the interviewees together with some advice for young people preparing for labour market as well as the main challenges for education.
The ARTIFEX e-book is still work in progress, you will find a final version to download on this website