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More than 40 people in a difficult situation on the labour market received support in the project


The target group were people aged 55+ who had been registered with the employment agency for more than 5 months. The project was regionally targeted so the support went mainly to the Zlín Region. The project was planned for the period of 2 years but due to epidemiological measures it was extended further on.

In February 2021, we completed the project and related activities, however, we remain in contact with a number of participants and monitor how they are doing after gaining a qualification or in a new job.

A total of 46 people were involved with the above characteristics in the project. We heard various stories but the common link was helplessness in trying to find a suitable job. We worked with the participants mainly through a set of individual job counselling but we also organized group seminars to share good practice and experience. We organized a personal client-made computer training and involved a graphologist who uncovered barriers through the psychology of writing. There were nine people who completed training and got new qualification and we helped to find a job for 22 people with wage reimbursement incentive for the employer.

The project aided a number of people who desperately needed help, so we are glad that we had the opportunity to implement it.

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