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DeFacto - the importance of being Earnest


In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the need of being able to check the information presented to us has increased significantly. We have been under continuous „attack“ of media publishing tons of news where one can get easily lost or be misled.

So although our project is coming to its end, it is more current than ever before. Our case studies showed how easy it is to manipulate the human brain into believing what seems to be the truth. Also the practical training which took place helped to increase awareness how important it is to incorporate this knowledge in our education systems. We are going on with our effort to teach the educators to use the tools and methods available to them when passing on the knowledge. Children and not only them need to learn how to check what they read, hear or see. That the „hot news“ is maybe not as „hot“ as it is presented which we have proved during our practical training. It is the hands-on experience that makes all the difference and brings the awestrucking effect and the multiplier events are a perfect place where to demonstrate all acquired knowledge as we did in Kroměříž at the beginning of July. All participants have shown great interest in the subject and its practicality for schools..

Vist the project website: http://defacto.space/