Realisation: 2018-2021

The aim of the project is to show an attractive and effective way of teaching science. The project will create a model which will give opportunity for teaching science subjects ( physics, biology, chemistry, geology, enviromental and others like astrology) in an attractive and effective way.

The training will be adapted in particular for learners, and especially women, to draw their attention on science in a simple way with the purpose to discover/ stimulate and develop their talents.
There are 9 partners from 8 European countries ( Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Belgium, Portugal, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Czech Republic) and the model will be tested and evaluated in each partner country.

02.08.2021 Final project newsletter released

Our final project newsletter has been released! Have a look and see the work which has been done in this exciting project. We believe that the outputs of the project will be used and will increase the attractiveness of scientific disciplines for young people.

Newsletter to download here.

19.08.2020 The summer newsletter Science4fun has been launched

The new edition informs about current situation in the project. There have been developing new educational materials, videa and further interactive resources.

Launch of questionnaires for students has been prepared, the questionnaires focus on learners at EQF1 to EQF3 level. The launch is planned for September 2020 with the aim to get data for further usage.
There was an online meeting of project partners held in July 2020. Partners evaluated the achievements and planed further activities.

Download the newsletter here.

17.08.2020 Test as a part of summer camp

In the Science4fun project, we plan to implement tests for primary and secondary school pupils in subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology, geology and more.

A total of five schools from the Czech Republic and 300 pupils will participate in the project. The tests are not about determining the level of knowledge and skills but they contain questions and interesting things that should motivate students to study science disciplines. First round of tests is to be introduced during the summer camp in the Maximum language school and we shall see how the tests work and how much children enjoy them.

14.05.2020 Simple experiment with fluids

In the Science4fun v project we create videos with guides to be used in the lessons.

One of them is focused on fluid exchange and is very useful when teaching about gravitation. Experiments are fun and children enjoy them a lot.

13.05.2020 Experiments in lessons

Physics is an ideal subject for experiments and experiments that help to understand its principles and laws.

For example, the effect of gravitational force on liquids can be easily simulated using commonly available aids. Instructions are in the video below:

22.04.2020 Practical teaching about magnets

Magnets are an easily accessible aid with which you can do a lot of interesting experiments.

For example, as the following video shows, a simple experiment suitable for secondary school students. The video was created in cooperation with the Comenius Elementary School in Kroměříž.

20.04.2020 New videos in order to promote the subject of physics

In the Science4fun project, we create videos to inspire and promote teaching and learning the physics. These are practical experiments from various fields of physics.

The videos are illustrative and they include lists of the necessary tools. An example is the lava lamp, an experiment suitable for pupils in the senior years of primary schools. It will help to understand how polarity affects density.

17.04.2020 The newsletter in Science4fun has been launched

The newsletter informs about news and updates in the project Science4fun. It´s focused on development of learning environment and resources usable at school

There are developed video podcasts with experiments in physics, materials in chemistry, biology, etc. Everything is translated and prepared to be published at the project website

Download the Newsletter here.

22.07.2019 Project partners have been trained in using new platform

Partners of Science 4 fun project have met once again between 15. – 19. of July in Burgh Haamstede, Netherlands to attend C1 trainig that should train them in the Moodle LMS platform production because they will be the ones that will develop the material based on local supply Subjects were::

  • Create Open science resources
  • Create a repository of those resources and experiment them
  • Promote methodology to increase motivation of teachers
  • Develop a big data system to assess science learning
  • Assess the evolution of science learning all through the process and experiment big data possibilities to focus science curricula

The training was successful so partners can now share the newly gained knowledge.

Photos from the meeting - by clicking enlarge photo

01.04.2019 Prague hosted the second project meeting

Last week the Science 4 fun partners met in Prague to attend a second meeting of the project. Over the past months, everyone has worked to produce tests and translate them into their own laguage.

At the meeting the tests were shown and technical details have been discussed. The partners will meet again before the end of 2019 in Antwerp.

Photos from the meeting - by clicking enlarge photo

30.11.2018 Project Science 4 fun launched

The kick-off meeting of partners of the new project Science 4 Fun took place in Burgh Haamstede, the Netherlands, in the past few days. Partners from eight European countries (BE, BG, PL, ES, SL, PT, NL a CZ) will work together in 2018-2021.

The project aims to show that science can be taught in an entertaining and attractive way. At the meeting, the partners specified the tasks that need to be accomplished so that project outputs can be tested and evaluated in all participating countries and thus be a valid aid for the target group. They will then together evaluate their work in the next meeting in Prague in the first quarter of 2019.

Photos from the meeting - by clicking enlarge photo