Realisation: 2017-2020

The EU representatives in this project partnership will create a modern and innovative platform - The RED platform (*Reinforce Europeans Digital, literacy and numeracy skills*) which provides an individual baseline test to detect low literacy and low numeracy, educational materials regarding there topics, materials to present (via video, audio incl. concepts) the “digital” services of social and public (governmental) organisations and provides a roadmap in which all social and public (governmental) organisations in the local region applicable for this target group, are categorized, can be found and contacted..

21.08.2020 Watch the video created in the RED project: Jack and EU

Video can be used very well as a teaching method, so instructional videos and video manuals are one of the main outputs of the RED project.

And here is one specific example. What do we have the European Union for? Jack explains the basic facts in the video below.

20.07.2020 The RED DAY!

The RED DAY event took place on 2nd July 2020, where the RED platform was officially launched, included a presentation of all the results of the RED project, and specially the RED platform was introduced to the local target group. To disseminate and spread information on how the RED baseline test can be used by stakeholders to detect the low literate and/or low numerate target group.

Participants had the opportunity to use the RED platform, get to know the platform and gain new, practical knowledge, experiences and skills to increase their knowledge of literacy, numeracy and digital skills.

The RED platform was introduced to the local stakeholders and we discussed how the target group will be able to use it in their further activities.

18.05.2020 Final meeting - online

Instead of NTC (BG), Pro Work (NL) hosted the final project meeting of the RED project on 13th of May 2020. This is because the world was raided with the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, which meant that no personal meeting could take place.

Ultimately, therefore, it was also decided to schedule an online meeting around the same scheduled date, during which we could still update each other about the project and discuss the status and TO DOs, also with the project's end in prospect. In the meeting, the focus was therefore on finishing the intellectual outputs, but also on matters that had taken place or would take place to date (pilots / events and the like). Testing in each country was discussed, including the webinar to be made by each country to explain how this works. The Roadmap had already been completed and found on the platform for each country, so this was completed and needed no further discussion. For the website, it was examined what was still missing per partner in mainly translations and for this a later email would be sent to indicate the status per country, including a possible planning.

The platform was fully up-to-date by country, including all the resources needed to enable the target audience to fully use the platform. For the pilots and events it was discussed what the possibilities would be to take this up online if it had not yet been taken up personally by partner. Since the virus also has an effect on this, it was agreed to discuss this with the NA before a decision was made.

Regarding the feasibility study, the latest output is a clear presentation also with the expectations of each partner and this also applied to the impact matrix that has been made. Finally, other issues such as dissemination and project management were discussed (timesheets, final payment, etc.). And despite the fact that the meeting was not held in person, all matters that needed to be discussed were discussed and it was a good meeting. The final steps are now underway, where everyone will do their best to use the best result for the project despite the current situation!

20.04.2020 Check out our Red baseline test

The RED Baseline Test is an online tool that helps to determine possible difficulties in literacy and numeracy of the target groups. It has been developed as a simple list of questions and tasks to be easy to fill in, in a short time, and quickly display the results. There is a direct link from the baseline test to learning platform with resources and contacts to organizations in Roadmap. That way the user can easily continue from self-assessment to learning online.

the result shows percentage of success, not highlight the mistakes. The baseline test is divided into three categories: digital literacy, numeracy and language literacy. Those areas have been specified by project partnership as the key in relation to literacy and there are common in all European countries. Anyway inside the tests there are differences in questions, especially in language test, which has to respect the different language rules.

Link to the baseline test at the RED platform:

30.09.2019 Fourth meeting in Palermo (Italy)

On the 17th of September 2019 the fourth meeting of the RED project took place in Palermo (IT). During this meeting we mainly discussed the progress of the resources developed by the different partners and the state of the platform on which the sources were placed.

We have also worked hard on the explanation of the Roadmap, on which different contact details of different aid organizations per country are shared in order to meet the target group even more in their demand for help locally.

The last output was briefly discussed, namely the Feasibility study, which would start in early 2020, including the so-called impact of the project.

Finally, management related matters were discussed, in which dissemination (including the RED website and translations), monitoring and evaluation as well as administrative / financial issues were discussed.

A very valuable meeting, in which we discussed the status of the project, but also all the things that we still have to carry out. There is still plenty to do, but fortunately every partner is very motivated to carry out his or her tasks until the end of the project in a year!

10.07.2019 The second edition of the RED project newsletter

Introducing the second edition of the RED Project Newsletter, which provides brief information on the baseline tests, roadmaps and information about the RED project website.

The second edition is available here.

01.04.2019 Third Meeting at Prague (Czech Republic)

Prague (CZ) hosted the third project meeting of the RED project on 25 March 2019. The partnership has approved the first results and discussed further project progress. The main topic of the meeting were the project website, platform and the baseline test which is going to be launched soon.

Partners discussed the website layout and content and partners came with suggestions how to make the platform more attractive and user-friendly for the target groups. Approved suggestions will be processed soon.

The online version of baseline test was presented together with depository of results. The baseline tests in three main areas: Numeracy, Digital and Language will serve as the first activity of the target group in RED project which will be followed by Roadmap and Learning Resources. At the same time the baseline tests will allow the partnership to collect data about literacy of the target group. The technical solution has been completed and now the collection of data is starting.

During the meeting partners shared their experience from the project and development the first video clips for learning resources. There were from Social Health Care, House, Safety and other areas from daily life. Next project meeting is planned to take place in Sicily, Palermo.

10.01.2019 Launching website project RED

Please note that the test version of the RED project website has been launched:

With this website you will have the latest information on the RED project, platform and roadmap. You can also subscribe to our newsletter. We will be glad for any suggestions and feedback leading to the improvement of the website.

10.11.2018 The first edition of the RED project newsletter

We are delighted to introduce this first edition of the RED project newsletter. Through several Newsletters we will regularly inform you about important project partner activities, planned events and especially the RED project web platform.

The first edition is available here.

25.09.2018 The second international partners meeting

The second international partners meeting was organized on 18. September 2018 by partner JKVG in Antwerpen, Belgium.

The meeting was attended by all project partners and the main objective of the meeting was not only to check the milestones of the project, but mainly to discuss the final design of the project’s website and platform . Furthermore, there was a long discussion about the baseline tests to help the target group point out potential problems in reading, math and digital literacy.

Photos from meeting - enlarge by clicking

10.05.2018 RED training - adjustment of video files

Besides enjoying the city of Madrid, there was an interesting training going on last week in the capital of Spain for the RED project.

C1 training, which is part of the RED project, was attended by 14 people from 7 partner countries. The training was provided to all partners by the Spanish partner SIGLO22 and the videos for the project will be gradually developed. In addition to weekly training, participants also had a chance to enjoy the sights and beauties of Madrid.

Photos from training - enlarge by clicking

16.12.2017 Kick-off meeting in the RED project

The Kick-off meeting of the RED project partners (RED = Reinforce Europeans Digital, literacy and numeracy skills) took place on 27-28 November 2017 in Burgh-Haamstede (NL).

The meeting was opened by the organization PRO WORK, coordinator of the project, and a total of eleven representatives of the partner institutions from the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Slovenia and the Czech Republic attended the first project meeting. Partners discussed all the activities related to the successful implementation of the project.

Photos from the meeting - enlarge by clicking