Gender Audits in Small and Medium Enterprises of the Zlín Region

  Realisation: 2017-2018

The project responds to the problem of the unequal position of women on men in the labour market in the Zlín region.

. The aim of the project is to promote equality between men and women with a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises, through the implementation of gender audits of six employers in the Zlín Region. Within gender audits, changes will be proposed to improve gender perceptions.

This project is co-financed by European Union.

13.08.2018 Gender audits have successfully entered the second half of the project implementation

The project, focused on the implementation of gender audits in small and medium-sized enterprises in the Zlín Region, continues successfully in its second half. All 6 employers from the Zlín Region were already involved as planned. They are mostly small companies with 10-50 employers and one medium-sized company with more than 50 employees.

The companies are very diverse, in the field of production and services. An experienced audit team performs a detailed analysis for all employers. It focuses on implementation of equal opportunities for women and men. We deal with the recruitment of employees, working conditions, support for the reconciliation of work and family life by the employer. We focus on internal documents, transparent provision of terms to employees as well as on organizational structure.
We formulate the findings in the final reports of gender audits and then present them to the management of the involved companies.
Engaged firms work with the audit team and their management is aware that passing a gender audit is a well-perceived signal to employees and prospective employees for the future.

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